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lizbeth Garcia - On the Ball Pilates, Pilates for sufers, yoga, massage, nia, pilates, personal training

learn the three foundations of yoga - posture alignment, energy lines and breath - that are vital to beginning and maintaining a consistent, effective yoga practice.

Massage - Deep Tissue & Swedish
a calming rhythm sends "slow down" signals to body and mind, leaving you feeling rested and relieved of physical and emotional stress.

blending dance arts, martial arts and healing arts, Nia provides a unique opportunity to explore dynamic body alignment and movement patterns to encourage length, strength, and balance in motion.

this innovative series restorers proper alignment, true balance and ease of movement to your body. emphasizing length and breath coordination, these exercises renew your sense of control and harmony in body, mind and emotions.

Personal Training

- stretch
- strength
- weight loss

- circuit training
- and more
shape up. slim down. improve muscle tone. reach your goals faster and easier with consistent, focused training with weights, toning and stretching.


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